Six Strings and Gasoline (Original Demo Release)

by Tail Light Rebellion

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released December 3, 2013

Jonny Swagger (Jonathan Natale) - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Harmonica

Jonny Swagger (Jonathan Natale) Wrote, Performs, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered this release.



all rights reserved


Tail Light Rebellion Memphis, Tennessee


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Track Name: Six Strings and Gasoline
Six Strings and Gasoline
Bad ideas and jukebox dreams
Bar room fights and holy schemes
calamity, it's the life for me

I come to in the morning
still drunk from the night before
there's a girl passed out beside me
someones pounding on the door

what a lovely mess I'm in again
shit, that's his girlfriend
I'd better get out of here
before he knows where I went


Well he gave me a good chase
but I lost him in the end
cause it's brains over brawn my friend
time and time again

besides he was a son of a bitch he
treated her like shit so like
a gambling man I took a chance
and the winner? charm and wit!


I never turn down a good time hell
I couldn't if I tried
and if I said I felt ashamed well you
best believe I lied

so fly high the jolly rogers
our flag of liberty
and lets raise a toast to all of those who
do what we please

I've tried to walk in your shoes
to see what it was like
but all I got was just time lost
to your dull, boring life

and I'd do it all again, you know
just to see you pissed
and I'll laugh between your fists and
celebrate the life you've missed
Track Name: Dover Tenement
cracked and crumbling walls and dirty narrow halls
and a third floor window over the street
third floor apartment overlooking the street
where you can always watch
the rain come pissing down
or be roast alive in the summer heat

another day just passes by
living in a dover tenement
where the days at work are too long
and the nights are always drunk
and you're wondering how your money is all spent

you know you'll run into someone down at the pub
one of the many friends that you've made
from always being being down there
drinking a couple of pints
every goddamn day

and there's always the chance (that) youll see the girl
you went home with the night before
cause you were too drunk to really give a damn
and she was looking to score

another day just passes by
living in a dover tenement
where the days at work are too long
and the nights are always drunk
And the landlord keeps raising the rent

We wander around this dirty old town
living life the best we can
trying to make a name
or even just stay sane
when nothing really goes as planned

sometimes, we'll just hang out by the river
drinking whisky by the flask and a thirty rack of pabst
I'd rather be out
drinking in the pubs
closing down the place
cause I never get enough
but bills are due and we're runnin' low on cash

another day just passes by
living in a dover tenement
where the days at work are too long
and the nights are always drunk
And you're getting evicted cause you cant pay the rent
Track Name: The Legendary Fred Simard
I was roaming through the north lands of
poutine, ice and snow
my guitar in hand, well, you know that I planned
to be drunk down cider road and it's
it's there I met a fiddle player
a rogue of high renown
and the greatest highwayman
that ever I had found
that I've found

so all you rabble rousers who
come from wide and far
you'd best hide your cider
from the apple swilling pirate
the Legendary Fred Simard!

I knew I was in for a hell of a time
from the madness in his eyes
he said take yourself a pistol, son,
and put on this disguise

we're making to steal the cider in
all of Monteregie
and nothing but the most cunning of thieves
are welcome on this looting spree


I heard that Fred ran a public house
back in the old days
and it was the juice of the bastard apple
that lead that man astray
God damn that forbidden fruit
it gave him his wicked ways
I've had a taste, there's no escape
to cider I'm a slave...

some things went down that fateful day
some thing I'll never tell
I'll take them to my grave, boys, and straight
through the gates of hell but

we stole all the cider, there was
not a bottle left make no mistake, it was ours to take,
nothing but the best and I said fuck all to the rest!
Track Name: Holes

The holes in your soul, they start to take their toll
As you're caught up dwelling in the past
Do you remember when you were bold, and the future was untold
And hope, wasn't fading fast
What happened to the truth or the fire you once knew
Did you lose yourself after everything you've been through
Are you're feeling ragged and old from the lies that you were sold
Cause their promises were never meant to last

Well I want to go back to when it all made sense
Just hangin' in my room with a couple of friends
Kicking back playing tunes with nothing better to do
And everyone could stay for a while

So you're feeling pretty spun as everything comes undone,
Cause this isn't what you signed up for
When you're chasing after dreams and nothings ever as it seems
life had something else in store
Do you try to make peace with what you get
Do you give in to the feelings of regret
Do you try to make some sense, of the uncertainty and unrest
Do you remember what the hell you do this for


It's a long, hard road and you bear a heavy load,
A heavy heart and worried mind
So many good friends have met bitter ends
And you wonder are you next in line?
It's hard to always sail into the wind
And to feel like you can't ever win
But if you never break the rules you'll always be their tool
And be the one to help them sell their lies

Track Name: Moments Like These
We sat in the back of an old station wagon, staring at the snow
A swirl of smoke clings from her cigarette, it's cherry burning slow
We'd been playing music for three or four hours on the folded down seats
But now we stare out the window, muse about a life that we thought we'd never see
Sharing in the serenity of our blissful insanity,
Caught up in all of our wayward vagabond dreams

Cause everything that's ever mattered to me was made in moments like these
Like a movie scene, or a waking dream, It just becomes a part of me
And in these sacred moments I find everything I need
Cause everything that's ever mattered to me was made in moments like these

Restless and breathless, I really meant it, when I said to go until we're there
And if there isn't an end to any of this, well I really just don't care.
It's the air we breath and the blood we bleed, it's the tick tock of the clock
Cause the time in between is more than it seems, it's why we can't ever stop
and why all these visions are the holiest I've seen,
these words are sacred and beautiful and they might just set us free

Much time elapsed and feelings have passed since that snowy November night
Although much has changed, I still feel the same, I think that I just might
Hit the road, to somewhere unknown, determined and unafraid
Cause I was never one much for the simple life or living domestic ways
So I'm leaving tonight I can no longer wait and I want you to come with me
Tell me, what do you say...?
Track Name: Better Days
She said I’m so glad that you came
I told her it was nothing, you know
Cause when you find yourself down and out
You’ve got to have someplace you can go
She turned and looked away with a blush and a smile
She said thanks, it means a lot
Cause when you’re on the bottom and hope is running out
Friends are all you’ve got

So this one goes to friendship
And to hope in troubling days
On the wings of an angel we might fly
Fly on to Better Days

There are only just so many times
that you can pack your life up and go
but you can’t put no roots down
where seeds were never ment to grow
so you picked up the phone and called me up
on that cloudy day
I told you I would be right over
what else could I possibly say?

So this one goes to friendship
And to hope in troubling days
On the wings of an angel we might fly
Fly on to Better Days

There we were like to broken down heros
heros of the Eastern night
wondering what the hell is going on
cause something ain’t quite right
its time we left this miserable place
where nothings as it seems
this house of lies deceit and distrust
this house of dead end dreams

so we moved out all of your stuff
under a cold december rain
and as we filled the back of that old truck
it felt like another chance went down the drain
but just like Judas hung himself in time so will they
some ideals you don’t betray
our true friends shine like stars up in the sky
they help us to find our way

So this one goes to friendship
And to hope in troubling days
On the wings of an angel we might fly
Fly on to Better Days
Track Name: Greetings (From the Unemployment Line)
I lost my job just the other day
I didn't quite know what to say
The Boss says "we ain't got no work for you
That means your time is through"
Out the door with two weeks severance pay

Greetings From the Unemployment Line
I've got to say, I sure don't like the view
It snakes out side, round and round
cause there ain't no work to be found
none of us know what the hell to do

Oh, this world, seems like a funny place
I now understand all the lines on my fathers face
The bills don't ever seem to end
and I can't ever get ahead
just another rat in the race


God, oh, God, I could use a holiday
a chance to start over, maybe get away
and If I had that chance, I just might
get in the van and drive all night
and hope for something better in the coming days


Chorus 2:
Greetings from the unemployment line
I hope I get to leave it pretty soon
cause I'm swinging from the end of my rope
and I'm tired of always being broke
if I don't find work, you know I'm going to be through
Track Name: Other Side
Well, You know damn right well that
something had to change
Living this life to expectations that
can't ever be made
All the seriousness was strychnine
on the walls of my beating heart
melancholy kept following me it was
tearing me apart but

but now that time has come to pass
I've got a brand new plan
It's time to cause a goddamn scene
and take matters in my hands

let me tell you this my friends
I've gone to the other side
That's right I've gone to the other side
Burning bridges light the way but only if you're not afraid
to join me here on the other side

If this is the taste of distilled rebellion
I'll take a double, please
or better yet just pass that bottle over
Tonight we're playing for keeps
I'm on to all your games you see
I know that they're all rigged
cause It's a fact, the deck is stacked
and you're always winning big
So I'm kicking the table over, with my guns already drawn
I'm taking the pot, no I won't be caught, with the ghost of a smile I'm gone

I'm not going to spend my time
just waiting around to die
Living through another day
just to mope around and sigh
if its change I want and change I need
then you'd better believe
I'll gonna be the goddamn trouble
that I want to see

Well, I guess what I'm trying to say
is that you made me this way
You made this life much more than I could bear
I used to play by the rules and
I was such a fool
but now I'm madman, well beyond repair
so call me what you will, every curse that you can find
Shameless and brash, outlaw, outcast,
I'm everything you despise


Come join us right here on the other side!
Track Name: Carry Me Away (This Machine Will Set Us Free)
this life keeps on spinning, but it feels like it's playing slow
like a forty five on thirty three, it's all the wrong flow
but somewhere in the grooves, there's got to be some truth
in the rhymes and lines I know I'll find something to help me through

caught in a world that always tests my faith
may I never, ever lose my way
I hope and I pray that maybe some day
that these six strings will carry me away
oh six strings won't you carry me away?

restless expectation that never seems to end
3am's a familiar friend, time and time again
but when all hope seems lost, and despair is growing strong
there's a guiding light shining bright in each and every song

and god bless the anger that's slowly returned
like a fire that keeps me warm at night the rage begins to burn
burn away the impurities cure this damn disease
cause we both know one day this machine will set us free
Track Name: Outlaw Waltz
If the band would play
something sweet and slow
I'd take you in my arms
and I'd pull you close
we'd dance to the rhythm
of our beating hearts
and for just one breath
no, we won't be apart
promise me just one little thing
in a world that'll break your heart
don't ever forget these nights
and how they're always ours
these nights are always ours

So dance an outlaw waltz with me
a moment of sweet sincerity
I always knew it would come down to this
so when no one is looking lets drop our masks
and kiss

Truth be told
I wouldn't mind
if you were the one
who stood by my side
dreaming and scheming, sharing our time
a partner in crime, like Bonnie and Clyde
You can't arrange an affair like this
plan out a rebel romance
between you and me, what fun would this be
if we didn't take a chance
so lets take a chance


Thick as Thieves,
you're everything to me
this feels so right it was
just meant to be
The band has stopped,
and everyone's gone
we're alone on the dance floor
for just one more song
let's laugh about the rules we broke
I don't give a damn if we get caught
maybe Tom Robbins is right
love's the only outlaw
love's the only outlaw...

Track Name: Where Do I Go From Here
Another night I'm sitting here
Feeling like I'm wasting time
Another night that I'm sitting here
losing my goddamned mind
I'm punching holes right through my walls
cause they ain't going hold me anymore
It feels like someone is holding me down
but they ain't going to tell me what for
Something's got to give
what it is? I just don't know
Where the Hell Do I go?

He's sitting alone in his bedroom
Another night with his old turn table
with his social distortion and bouncing soul records
he's searching for something to keep him stable
The night drags on, his spirits lag
there's something on his mind
he feels like searching for something
something he can't find
and if this really is the divine master plan
it's making him sick, a heretic, someone he can't stand

Where oh where do I go from here?
I'm looking for answers but I've got none
Where oh where do I go from here
Oh god, It feels like I'm under the gun
I'm looking for direction but
where it is I just don't know
oh, where the hell do I go?

He's looking at the cracks in his bedroom walls
and he knows he's got to leave
He knows it deep down in the bottom of his heart
he wears upon his sleeve
Boots laced up his sweatshirt on he's making for the door
he can't escape or try to relate how his head keeps seething with scorn
he can seem to find whatever it is he seeks
maybe he'll find his answer out on the city streets


I'm Johnny X
I'm a Sick Boy
Mommy's Little Monster
and Lamar Vanoy
I'm every damn song
that helped me make it through
another night like this
where I don't know what to do
oh they say that life's a journey
but I can't help but worry
if the truth of things is that
I'm going nowhere in a hurry
caught somewhere between
uncertainty and rage
I just want something to believe in at the end of the day
something to believe in at the end of the day

He wonders to himself walking through the pouring rain
if he'll stop being crazy and find another way
but at 33 years old and nothing has changed
he's forever 17, he still feels the same
It's time he accepted who he was stopped putting up a fight
start chasing those dreams before they drifted out of sight
If life has to be so hard? Follow your heart!

Track Name: Kiss My Ass
Oh, we're drunk on the streets of New York City, causing trouble where we go
We drank all the booze in the Goddamn bar, the taps no longer flow
Fuck the boys from county hell, cause we're New England bastards
and you better stay the hell away when we're fucking plastered

Kiss my ass
you miserable fucks
Kiss my ass
I've finally had enough
you call me a drunk
a low life piece of trash
well I got some news for you
you can kiss my ass

we're that unquenchable gang of devils, I bet you Shane would be proud
of how our mob of hooligan douche bags are terrorizing this town
We're gonna drink so goddamn much that under brass taps we'll drown
But it won't be a second before you buy the next round


we were all liquored up by the end of the night we were looking for a fight
with my knuckles thrown up I don't give a fuck if we were wrong or right
oh I'll be thanking god himself if we find our hotel room
and I won't be lifting my heavy head till I hear 12 bells of noon

I'm sure I'm bound for a darker fate with all these sins I've drank
As my vision fades and I've gone lost my way I'm off to the drunk tank
That's what you get for making the choice to go on the devils' crawl
cause not every angel is bound for heaven, some are bound to fall
Track Name: Keep Your Head Held High
Born into a World of struggling and dismay
No, I won’t Live that way
cause pride and self assurance Are not cardinal sins
Your oppressive social standards are wearing thin
I've seen all too many of our brightest minds
just trampled by the world and broken over time

Don't believe their lies
and stand up for the truth
Keep your eyes on the prize
and never forget your roots
don't let them hold you down
when you stop to question why
and keep your head held high!

you took away our heritage and traded it for fashion
ripped out any feelings keep them numbed with distraction
you call this a culture I call it your dead end dream
that leaves us worn and ragged tearing at the seams
I don't want to live in a world full of doubt
If you call this happiness then you can count me out

no more will I just stand by as you rob me blind
no more will I accept that defiance is a crime
no more will self respect mean walking the poverty line
no more will I ignore the voice that says it's time
it's time
it's time

so lets make a difference turn these thoughts into action
let justice guide the way and let truth be the attraction
it's us against them we gotta do what we can
be the molotov cocktail thrown in their master plan

If we sit and do nothing then we might as well be damned
so if you believe like I do then It's time to take a stand
Track Name: Reckless
there's mischief in the air tonight, you know just what to do
sneak into the devils closet and steal his finest suits
Look into his wardrobe mirror and take his wicked grin
the motor's running, engine humming, we're going for a little spin
I'm gonna introduce you to a new face or two
It's high time you kissed goodbye the life you knew

god bless the recklessness pulsing through your veins
embrace this seditionist tradition and cherish these deviant ways

With demon rum on silver tongues this has already begun
You can look the other way or join us in the fun
You know wouldn't be here if you weren't ready to die
to rally against banality and to fight to be alive
I'll give you the low down just Keep it down low
until everything's set and ready to blow


The decision is an important one and its yours alone to make
we both know that you're desperately looking for an escape
and all those kids keep screaming that they'll die before they're sold
that boring Story of Death or Glory is getting pretty old
The real question is what are willing to steal
captain of your destiny, take the wheel