The Booze Will Flow

by Tail Light Rebellion

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I wrote this track around 2010, it was my first attempt at trying to write a bootlegging song. Coupled in there is a reference to both The World / Inferno Friendship Society's "Just the Best Party", as well as Joseph March's "The Wild Party", which was banned in Boston for it's lewdness. This, of course, naturally made it a point of fascination and celebration. But apparently Just The Best Party was also about the Wild Party. Great Minds Drink Alike.


1919 when Volstead passed you thought you had won
What you didn't know we were ready to go and the fun had just begun
By 1920 we ran the speakeasies with barrels of bathtub gin
We made our drinks delightfully strong, Two parts hooch, three parts sin
And every single night you'd drink deeply from our glass
'Till you were full of fire, burning with desire and absolutely trashed

The Booze Will Flow
This party's a go
The Booze will flow
Everyone should know
The booze will flow
The booze will flow

We were there in every dry county bootlegging the best moonshine
Dodging the coast guard with Bill McCoy up and down rum runner's line
We were loaded with farmhouse hard cider and sweetest of cranberry wine
The finest of rums and whiskies that no revenuer will find
And every dirty basement became a brand new bar
If you were looking for a good time well you never had to look far


At Just the Best Parties there's someone behind the scenes
They're Pulling the strings and they're making things as crazy as they can be
And every time you were wild eyed mad on liquor and lust
You should sing the praise of our wicked ways cause you owe this all to us
And of your precious morals, no, I don't give a good goddamn
so crack open that bottle cause we're heading to the promised land



released April 28, 2015
Song By Jonny Swagger (Jonathan Natale) (c) 2011-2015 all rights reserved. Robert Black on additional vocals.



all rights reserved


Tail Light Rebellion Memphis, Tennessee


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